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Oriana Perrone

Docente a contratto
Sede: Roma
Dipartimento: Giurisprudenza, Economia, Politica e Lingue moderne
Corso di laurea: Management and Finance

Insegnamenti e orario di ricevimento

  • Corporate strategy and social responsibility

    Via Pompeo Magno, 28, 00192 Rome, teachers room, and remote (Google Meet/ Teams /Zoom)
    Fridays (17.00 - 18.00) and Saturdays (9.00 - 10.00) - RomeTime

    Note: For a one-to-one meeting with the teacher, please, write to her email address ( to book an appointment in a time slot that can fit your schedule, case by case. It is possible to have the meetings in presence (at LUMSA University, teachers room, Via Pompeo Magno, 28, 00192 Rome) and remote (Google Meet/ Teams /Zoom) deciding based on the specific needs that may be required and circumstances. The suggested time slots are: Fridays (17.00 - 18.00) and Saturdays (9.00 - 10.00). Here are the google meet links to attend the lessons on Friday - presentation day - and Saturday 27 - presentation day -
  • Curriculum Vitae

    Ms. ORIANA PERRONE collaborates with LUMSA University as an Adj. Professor in Business Strategy and Social Responsibility (Management and Finance - Entrepreneurship and Innovation for Sustainability, LM77) in her quality of Hight-level Expert in CSR and as a Sustainability Professional.

    She is a Global Sustainable Business Strategist. Her specialty is Corporate Social Responsibility.
    She supports organizations that want to be sustainable to integrate a responsible business conduct into their business model from strategies to operations. She brings her competencies to increase the business potential at the domestic and global level identifying and strategically promoting good practices and actions. Managing new partnerships and joint programs with institutions and academia, she pushes the companies' active participation in international debate for building a sustainable development for all.

    For more than ten years, she supported MNCs and SMEs in operating as key players and first-movers, thinking and operating to make a difference in their market and local communities. She focuses on how they can increase competitiveness in adherence to external pressures and stakeholders' expectations, implementing specific internal activities and multi-stakeholder projects. She managed relevant institutional and academic programs focused on the central role of the private sector to prevent the risks of human rights violations conducting business activities. Focus on the supply chain management: implementing shared value projects and training programs according to the UN Principles, OECD Guidelines, and EUCOMM recommendations and norms.
    She also sustains SMEs and Startups to define their business strategy in consideration of their business model and purpose.

    Main recent roles:
    - Delegates, UNECE - UN/CEFACT Supply Chain Management & Procurement (SCMP)
    - High-level Expert, OECD Italian NCP and EU COMM Delegate
    - Coach and Business Facilitator (Private Sector, Startups and Individuals)
    - Chief Operating Officer and Chief Sustainability Officer (Startups)

    - 2020, Continuing Education, Course in Sustainable Business Strategy, Harvard Business School (Boston, USA)
    - 2018, Continuing Education, Course in Sustainable Development Goals, University of Copenhagen (Copenhagen, DK)
    - 2014, Ph.D. in Social Science, Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies and Bocconi University (Pisa and Milan, IT )
    - 2009, Post-graduate course, International Human Rights Academy Program, Utrecht University (Cape Town, South Africa)
    - 2009, MSc. in Economics and Business Administration, University of Pisa (Pisa, IT)

    Social Profile:

    Principali pubblicazioni


                              Scientific top Journals and International Conferences

    ·        "The how and why of a firm's approach to CSR and sustainability: A case study of a large European company”, Songini L., Pistoni A., and Perrone O., Journal of Management and Governance, 2016, ISSN 1385-3457 Volume 20, No. 3, Springer 2016, ISSN: 1572-963X

    ·        “Corporate Social Responsibility and Human Rights Abuses. A comparison of the Strategies adopted by Advanced Country and BRIC Multinationals”, Fiaschi D., Giuliani E., Perrone O., Politeia, 2012

    ·        “The integration of sustainability and CSR into the firm strategy: why and how”, Songini L., Pistoni A., and Perrone O., presented at 2013 EURAM conference, Istanbul

    ·         "Sustainability drivers and the relation with the firm's strategy: the impacts on organization and performance", Songini L., Pistoni A., and Perrone O., 29th EGOS Colloquium, Montréal, Canada

    ·        "CSR and sustainability strategy: why and how. A case study of a European large multinational company", Pistoni A., Songini L., and Perrone O., presented at Third JMG Conference, Corporate Governance, Control and Social Responsibility, new challenges for the Global business environment, 25 October 2013, HEC Montreal, Canada 

    ·        “What Makes Clusters Competitive? Cases from the Global Wine Industry”, presented at the “Conference on Understanding Wine Competitiveness around the World”, Penticton, BC, Canada 2011 (Fraser University)

    ·        “Is it just a matter of time? On whether Social Corporate Responsibility influences human rights abuses in large Multinational Corporations (1990-2006)”, accepted at the 27th EGOS Colloquium, Gothenburg, 2011

    ·        “Company innovation: sustainable development and safeguarding of the relevant geographical area and its traditions”, Perrone O., That’s Amore Multiservice Company, 2010


    ·       “The SDGS in the reports of the Italian companies”, Research document n.16, Venturelli A., Minoja M., Perrone O. et al., Italian National GBS - Gruppo di studio per il Bilancio Sociale, Franco Angeli Publisher, 2019, ISBN 9788891797537

    ·       “Human Rights in Policy Decisions and Business Strategies: the cooperative role of the UN, Governments and Firms within a developing scenario. EU and Italian Best Practices”, Perrone O., L.A. Publishing, 2013, ISBN: 365929439X, 978-3659294396

    Book Chapters

    ·      “What Makes Clusters Competitive? Cases from the Global Wine Industry”, Hira A., Giuliani E, Perrone O. et al., McGill- Queen's University Press, 2013, ISBN 0773542604, 9780773542600

    ·     “Quaderni di Konwoledge Management – Best Practice Lab“, Perrone O. et al., Franco Angeli Publisher, 2008, EAN 9788856801309


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