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Assessment of Research Quality 2011-2014

Outstanding results for LUMSA University in the Italian Assessment of Research Quality 2011-2014

LUMSA University achieved outstanding results in the last Assessment of Research Quality (VQR) covering the years 2011 to 2014. The areas of Business, Economics, Law and Social Sciences ranked Q1 (upper quartile of the distribution). Psychology and Political Science ranked Q2 (second quartile).

The results of VQR were presented on February 21, 2017 by Andrea Graziosi, President ANVUR (National Agency for the University System Evaluation and Research). Calculated on the entire LUMSA University, the average rank for publications is higher than the national average. The percentage of evaluated publications is 97%, namely higher than national average. The proportion of publications with excellent/very good rank is higher than the national average in the areas of Economics, Law, Languages and Literature, Pedagogy, Psychology and Social Sciences.

In comparison with the first VQR 2004-2010, there is clearly a very significant improvement in the quality of research in 70% of the scientific areas in LUMSA University.

In Law, LUMSA ranks fourth in Italy among the small sized universities, and fifth overall. The Department of Economics, Politics and Modern Languages, Department Law (Rome) and Department of Law (Palermo) rank Q1 in Italy.

In the Social Sciences, LUMSA University ranks third in Italy among the small sized universities for the Department of Human Sciences - Communication, Education and Psychology, and fourth overall.