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Internship (work placements) for undergraduates and recent graduates within the last 12 months are an optional element that provide first-hand experience of the world of work. Vocational placements included in the curriculum combine knowledge acquired in the classroom with experience in the work place, to assist students when deciding on a career or whether to sit for state examinations for a paricular profession.

In practice, work placements consist of observing and if possible assisting with the business activities of the company, which differ according to the specific training objectives agreed beforehand, the course requirements, and any regulations that may apply.

The Work Placement Office is an administrative service that provides support for students before, during and after their periods of placement or apprenticeship. The support service includes:

  • Coordinating and managing requests for placements and apprenticeships from LUMSA undergraduates and graduates, and offers from companies;
  • Liaising with host organisations (public and private institutions, public interest groups and businesses operating in various sectors);
  • Promoting the service and providing advice and assistance to students and placement providers to put in place Agreements for Work Placement Training and Guidance.

Who is it for?
Internships and apprenticeships are available to registered students at the end of their courses, and those who have graduated within the last 12 months. The aim of work placements is to provide specific training and guidance to students for first-hand experience when choosing a career.

How to find placement or apprenticeship
Contact the Office in the first instance for information on administrative procedures, companies with which agreement are in place, and other opportunities that may be available.

Other training and vocational opportunities
LUMSA Talent Academy provides activities and services for students and graduates to prepare for future careers.

Work Placement Office
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