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Master's degree programs

Corsi di laurea magistrale (Master's degree programs) are aimed at providing graduates with an advanced level of education leading to specialisation in particular areas. The entry requirement is an Italian degree of Laurea (first cycle level) or an equivalent foreign qualification. Admission is subject to specific course requirements as determined by the university offering the program. The workload is 120 ECTS credits, the duration of the course is 2 years.

The Laurea magistrale (second cycle level of the Bologna Process) is awarded to those students who, having successfully completed their course, have also defended a dissertation in their chosen subject.

Most degree courses are offered at undergraduate level first (degree of Laurea), which last 3 years, and then at postgraduate level (Laurea magistrale) which lasts 2 years.

The entry requirement is the Italian school leaving diploma or a comparable foreign qualification, and admission is always subject to an entrance exam. At the end of the five-year course, students are awarded a Laurea magistrale (i.e the same degree awarded on completion of a two-year post-graduate degree course following a three-year Laurea). Students then have the option of studying for a second-level Professional degree, a PhD program or Vocational courses.

All Master's degree programs offer advantageous entry to the general labour market, the civil service, regulated professions; they also allow access to doctoral degree programs, i.e. degree courses of the third cycle.

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