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Language courses

International qualifications are key elements for a good CV; they enhance the appeal of your CV and provide a helping hand for recruiters when you're being considered for employment by international companies and startups.

The Rome and Palermo branches of LUMSA are accredited international test centres for prestigious qualifications in languages and other subjects. Students, graduates and professionals can study for qualifications at LUMSA and sit for the exams here too, without the inconvenience of attending an external examination centre.

The Centro Linguistico Internazionale per le Certificazioni (International Language Certification Centre - CLIC) offers international qualifications, particularly language qualifications, in all languages.

LUMSA is also an examination centre for CELI - International Certificate in Italian Language, for international students. CELI examinations test the candidate's general proficiency in the Italian language, or in other words the way Italian is used in social situations or academic or working environments.

Types of course

  • Extra-curricular individual and group language courses;
  • Language courses included as part of a degree program;
  • Specialist language courses (business, legal, workshops, task-based courses, etc.);
  • University summer courses;
  • Intensive week-long courses (crash courses);
  • Courses of study for major international certificates in all languages (TOEFL, IELTS, CELI, Cervantes, Cambridge, Goethe, etc.);
  • Study placements abroad;
  • Translation and interpreting services;
  • Multimedia language courses for distance or blended learning;
  • Language courses to prepare for Erasmus programs and international exchanges;
  • Non-European language courses, e.g. Russian, Chinese, Arabic, etc.

International Language Certification Centre
Via di Porta di Castello, 44 - 00193 Rome, Italy