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Umberto Di Maggio

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GEC (Palermo)

Corso di Laurea

Comunicazione digitale e marketing,

Economia e management,

Scienze dell’educazione (Palermo)

Umberto Di Maggio

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Curriculum vitae

Current position

Associate Professor of Sociology. LUMSA University of Rome, Palermo Campus IT. (2022-present).


Current: Sociology of non-profit; Society, Globalization & Organized crime; Theory and methodology of digital social research 

Previous: Sociology; Economic sociology; Social research methodology; Sociology of communication for digital markets, Ethical finance; Local development policies; Sociology of the territory; Anti-poverty policies; Economics of cooperation

Past positions

Assistant Professor in Sociology and Deputy Coordinator of the bachelor's degree course 'Mediators for Interculturality and Social Cohesion in Europe'. Dante Alighieri University for Foreigners of Reggio Calabria IT. (2022).

Adjunct Professor in Sociology, Social Research Methodology, Economic Sociology, Ethical Finance, Local development policies; Anti-poverty policies, Economics of cooperation. LUMSA University of Rome IT, Palermo Campus. (2017-2022).

Visiting position

Comillas Pontifical University of Madrid (Spain). (February-May 2024).

University of Bucharest (România). (October 2023).

Deusto University of Bilbao (Spain). (September 2019).


Ph.D in Social Policies and Local Development. University of Teramo IT. (2008).

2nd Level specializing Master in Tourism and Environment. Sapienza University of Rome IT, IRSEA, HeTe & EBRTS. (2004).

Master Degree in Sociology, Sapienza University of Rome IT. (2001).

Research interests

Non profit; Social Economy; Migrations; Organized Crime; Social Impact Assessment


Member of the research group "WE-PROPOSE". Process, policies and networks in support of women's returnees to Tunisia and Morocco. PRIN PNRR 2022. (Project of relevant national interest founded by Ministry of University and Research and Recovery and resilience national plan). SH3 - The Social World and Its Diversity. (Principal investigator: Prof. Consuelo CORRADI - LUMSA University of Rome IT)

Member of the international research group "GLITSS". Globalization, Illicit Trade, Sustainability and Security. COST European Cooperation in Science and Technology. Action CA 21133. (Coordinator: Prof. Francesco GIUMELLI - University of Groningen NL). (2023-present)

Member of the international research group "COREnet" Network for Connecting Theory and Practice of Migration and Religious Diversity. COST European Cooperation in Science and Technology. Action CA 20107. (Coordinator: Prof. Milda ALISAUSKIENE - Vytautas Magnus University LT). (2023-present)

Faculty member. International Summer School. "European Humanism in the Making". Federation of European Catholic Universities - FUCE, LUMSA University of Rome IT, Catholic University of Lille FR, UCP Lisbon PT, UCSIA NL, UCL Lyon FR, CEU San Pablo Madrid ES, University of Antwerp NL, Maynooth College Dublin IE. (Palermo - 03-07 July 2023).

Impact Evaluation Expert. Sicily Region - Department of Family and Social Policies and Labor, Department of Families and Social Policies & Pedro Arrupe Institute IT, Center for Social Studies of the Jesuit Order. PRISMA project: Integrated Regional Plan for a Multicultural and Welcoming Sicily. (2023)

Professor & Member of Steering Committee. PhD Program Mediterranean Studies - LUMSA University of Rome (2023-present).

Professor. PhD Program. Public Administration Sciences. University of Messina IT. (2023).

Head of the Teaching Quality Assurance Committee of the Bachelor's Degree Program in Digital Communication and Marketing - LUMSA University of Rome  IT (L20). (2023-present)

Head of the Teaching Quality Assurance Committee of the Master's Degree Program in Economics and Management - LUMSA University of Rome  IT (LM77). (2021-2022)

Member of the board. Pedro Arrupe Institute, Center for Social Studies of the Jesuit Order - Palermo  IT; Researcher. Migration Observatory. (2018-present).

Professor. Master. Public management for local development. University of Catania  IT. (2017-present).

Member of the research group. 'Responsible Welfare' project. (Coordinator: Prof. CESAREO V. - Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan IT). (2020-present).

Member of Commission. 'LUMSA X Next Generation EU/PNRR'. LUMSA University of Rome  IT. (2021-present).

Member of the working group. 'Network of Italian Universities for Peace RUNIPACE'. LUMSA University of Rome & CRUI - Conference of Italian University Rectors  IT. (2020-present).

Member of the research group "QualiPA - The opinion of citizens of Palermo. Well-being, the quality of life". University of Palermo  IT, LUMSA University of Rome  IT, Municipality of Palermo, Demopolis Research Institute, Confcommercio Sicilia, APS QualiPA. (2019).

Member of Scientific Committee. Erasmus+ 'Jean Monnet' project. Research Centre on Transnational Organised Crime - ReaTOC. University of Catania  IT. (2014-2017).

Professor. 'The administration and destination of businesses removed from the mafia circuit: an interdisciplinary approach'. Higher School of the Judiciary of Caltanissetta  IT. (2014).

Professor. Master. 'Economics and Management of Cultural Heritage'. University of Palermo IT. (2017-2018).

Professor. Master. 'Migrations. Policies, social services and good practices in comparison". University of Calabria IT. (2013).

Professor. Advanced Training Course. 'Administration and destination of confiscated goods'. University of Palermo IT. (2011-2012-2015).

Professor. Advanced Training Course. 'For the social fight against mafias and the strengthening of democratic legality'. University of Padova IT. (2012).

Professor. Master. 'Analysis, prevention and fight against organised crime and corruption'. University of Pisa IT. (2011).

Professor. Master. 'Expert in policies for legality and development in the Mediterranean area'. University of Palermo IT. (2009).

Manager and senior researcher in national projects funded to Libera NGOs by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and the Department of Public Function  IT (2015), the European Social Fund (2013-2015), the Ministry for Territorial Cohesion and International Cooperation and Integration  IT (2017), the Ministry of Labour and Social Policies  IT (2018).

Scientific coordinator. Summer School 'ECO' on rural innovation and local development. University of Catania IT, Libera NGo (2015).

Scientific coordinator. Summer School 'GIA' on social innovation. University of Palermo IT, Libera NGo (2011-2015).

Member of the research group. EQUAL-TEFI (Together in Europe for Integration). University of Teramo IT. (2006).

Member of the research group.  EQUAL-SAM (Struggle Against Mobbing). University of Cassino IT, Sapienza University of Rome IT, Irsea Rome (Institute for Social, Economic and Environmental Research). (2004-2005).

Speaker at international (no. 17) and national (no. 36) seminars, workshops and conferences. Especially noteworthy:

  • University of Bucharest RO. University 2.0: Social, Communicative and educational impact of italian academies (2023), Green consumer behaviour (2022), Media Literacy Education and Digital Transformation (2021);
  • Berlin State Agency for Civic Education DE. Perception of organised crime and corruption in Europe (2019);
  • University of Catania IT. MID-TERM ESA (European Sociological Association) RN27 Conference. Violent capitalism and social economy (2018);
  • Paris FR. GES Conseil des Entreprises et Groupements de l'Économie Sociale. The social reuse of confiscated assets (2014);
  • Brussels BE. EESC European Economic and Social Committee. The fight against the criminal economy (2014);
  • Belgrade RS. OSCE Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe. The cooperative economy with social and productive reuse of confiscated mafia assets for local development (2011);
  • Tunis TN. Italian Cultural Institute of the Italian Embassy. The role of civil society against the mafia (2010).

Member of the editorial board and scientific committee: Motus (Meltemi publisher); Sociologie (Mimesis publisher); Metis Journal of Sociology (Cleup publisher), Aggiornamenti Sociali, Esperienze Sociali.

Reviewer: Utet; Palgrave; Crime Law and Social Change (Springer); Spatial Economic Analysis (Taylor & Francis), Annals of Public and Cooperative Economics (Wiley); The Italian Journal of Economic  Demographic and Statistical Studies; Society Register.

Orari di ricevimento

Il Prof. Umberto Di Maggio riceve il martedi dalle 11.30 alle 12.30 ed il mercoledì dalle 10.30 alle 11.30. Il ricevimento va comunque prenotato inviando un'email a

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Tutte le pubblicazioni

  • DI MAGGIO U (2023). Forme di consumo nel turismo contemporaneo. (a cura di) LO VERDE FM, CORVO P, PEPE V, Sociologia dei consumi turistici. Torino:Pearson, , ISBN: 9788891910127

  • DI MAGGIO U; LO VERDE FM (2023). Household Budget Management and Financial Behaviour of the Italian Family in Times of Crisis. Italian Sociological Review, vol. 13, 1, p.1 - 28 , art. no. 1 , DOI:

  • DI MAGGIO, U (2023). L'uso sociale dei beni confiscati. Un'interpretazione sociologica. (a cura di) LA ROSA, F, Costituzione, legalità e aziende. Milano:FrancoAngeli, p.519 - 531 , ISBN: 9788835157793

  • DI MAGGIO U (2023). La condizione migrante tra inclusione ed esclusione finanziaria. (a cura di) GRECO S, TUMMINELLI G, Migrazioni in Sicilia 2022. Sesto San Giovanni (MI):Mimesis Edizioni, p.133 - 138 , ISBN: 9791222303673

  • DI MAGGIO U (2023). La cultura finanziaria. (a cura di) ROMEO A, Sociologia dei processi culturali. p.271 - 283 , ISBN: 9788857599069

  • DI MAGGIO U, LO VERDE FM (2023). Organized Crime as Global Social Problem. In: BAIKADY R, SAJID SM, PRZEPERSKI J, NADESAN V, ISLAM MR, JIANGUO G. The Palgrave Handbook of Global Social Problems. New York:Palgrave, , DOI: , ISBN: 978-3-030-68127-2

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